Tuesday, 30 June 2009

This is the time for broad beans and I found a great tasty recipe for pasta sauce with broad beans mint and bacon from Riverford Organics

I love shelling them from their weird furry pods, great fat beans, which at one time I thought revolting. Not any more.

It rained heavily last night, which means I don't have to water today and yet the South East has heatwave warnings.

Today the Moon is in Libra and linking with Jupiter and Mercury - all in air signs for communication. Getting over your highest visions, the dreams of what could be and becoming aware of what is truly creative and fantastic gives a real lift to the spirit. Decided to be friendly with everyone I came across, like the lady in the flowershop; we had a little chat about the importance of having flowers around, and sometimes you have to treat yourself, which I have., now that Amy's flower eating cat, Mr D'Arcy has gone home.

this evening, we have another cat guest to stay, Ayesha the elderly siamese with her own unique foibles.

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