Monday, 4 January 2010


I have been adding more stuff to Folksy - what a great time to add energy into this in the New year, in the deep midwinter, after Christmas blues but hey nothing ventured.

So I am crocheting of course, but still cannot read a pattern, and learning about photographing things, and becoming immersed in all things made by hand.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

This is the time for broad beans and I found a great tasty recipe for pasta sauce with broad beans mint and bacon from Riverford Organics

I love shelling them from their weird furry pods, great fat beans, which at one time I thought revolting. Not any more.

It rained heavily last night, which means I don't have to water today and yet the South East has heatwave warnings.

Today the Moon is in Libra and linking with Jupiter and Mercury - all in air signs for communication. Getting over your highest visions, the dreams of what could be and becoming aware of what is truly creative and fantastic gives a real lift to the spirit. Decided to be friendly with everyone I came across, like the lady in the flowershop; we had a little chat about the importance of having flowers around, and sometimes you have to treat yourself, which I have., now that Amy's flower eating cat, Mr D'Arcy has gone home.

this evening, we have another cat guest to stay, Ayesha the elderly siamese with her own unique foibles.

Monday, 29 June 2009

just messing about - I should remember to label pictures in future

a year goes by

one the most satisfying things this year has been to gather my own home grown lettuces and see my tomatoes thriving. last year's crop was totally pitiful, so not sure what's changed. But now I have a kind of garden contraption, made out of old wood which hold growbags. The nasturtiums are going crazy!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

too much stuff to remember

You know when you mind is full of things, like a garden and you are trying to make some sense of it all? Like this blog....forgot I started it.

Back to basics. Just made some bread (or rather it is in the process of) exploring druidry, (surrounded by trees helps) and of course, lovely blankets. I actually use these to keep warm if I am doing some thinking and meditating. It would be good to know that clours create vibrations which your physical and emotional self respond too, so that colours like pink and warm colours do warm you through and cool blues calm you down.

Friday, 22 February 2008

one thing leads to another

I started off this week with a nightmare toothache, and rather than get too engaged with it, I do what I do when I am not so great and relish in colours and shapes and forms and sensual experiences like that. It's more about being than doing.

So I am enjoying my crocheting, making luscious blankets.